Monday, April 30, 2012

Summertime and the girl is sweaty...

Hi folks! I wanna talk about summertime coping today.
I am a lifetime Okie and I still dread summertime. I don't swim well, I despise being too sweaty and I sunburn in 15 minutes or less. Here's how I try to keep cool.

  • Sundresses! Short, long, lacy, opaque, they are all good. Let that breeze in. I am a total nerd and found a style I loved at a big box store 2 years ago. So, I bought 5 dresses in different colors. LOL If you see me wearing a cotton dress with a braided neckline and a bow belt, that's the one. :D
  • Merino wool underpants! I know, I just said wool and underpants in the same sentence. Sacrilege! Fear not, they are not itchy or hot in any way. They keep sweat and dampness to a minimum and are soft/stretchy/comfy, which is very important for me to not be grouchy. Plus, they don't stink like synthetic sweat-wicking underpants. :)
  • Big water bottles with wide mouths! I stuff one with as much ice as I can and top it off with water, then it goes with me wherever I am going.
  • Tom's of Maine deodorant! I like the Apricot one and the Lemongrass one. They don't have any aluminum or anything like that for antiperspirant properties, but the deodorant is great. Even though I don't like being sweaty, the idea of using chemicals that have been linked to serious health problems to block sweat production freaks me out. Plus, who wouldn't want to smell like lemongrass?
  • Margaritas. :D

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