Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Face wash!

I bought a new face wash a few weeks ago from Lush called Aqua Marina. It looks like a sushi roll, or maybe canned cat food. However, I have used it almost every day for 2 1/2 weeks and the official consensus is that I totally like it so far. It is a smidge drying, but I have that gunky-oily skin on my nose and it bugs the heck out of me. A dab of moisturizer on my cheeks and forehead, and I'm okay again. Also, it is a bit pricey and spoils after about 3 months, so a very small container will be all one person needs.

Feel the cat food, baby.

Here's my current shampoo love...
I will now sing the praises of PureOlogy's Hydrating shampoo and conditioner! Lalalala!
  • It is very concentrated!
  • The shampoo is purple!
  • The conditioner is minty!
  • It makes your hair softer than 100 babies!

It is vegan and sulfate free, in case you wanted to know. This particular shampoo/conditioner is good for dry hair, and is color safe. The only downsides I have found are that it is pretty expensive, and that the shampoo has a bit of a medicinal smell that can be off-putting for some.

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