Sunday, September 2, 2012

Some nail polish I am loving... and some hair stuff I am not.

Hey folks! Sorry for the silence. It's tough to make myself sit down and blog sometimes. Anyway, here's some nail polish I love.

Little Brown Dress, by Essie.

If you aren't a base/topcoat person, it still goes on pretty smooth and has a good color opacity. I know it looks really dark. So, having said that, it'll look really good on shorter nails. Dark colors can be imposing on a long nail, but if it's your thing, please do.

I recently gave my toenails a sprucing-up with this, and topped it off with a leopard print decal on the big toenail. It looked pretty legit and cost next-to-nothing, since I had the decals left over from a previous nail adventure.

On to the unpleasant business of saying I don't like Matrix's new line, ExquisiteOil. I got a sample of shampoo, conditioner and serum. I have used all 3 and instead of getting smooth, happy hair like I had hoped, it made my ends feel a bit rough and snarly. I have another shampoo/conditioner sample, so I will try again here in a few weeks and see if I get a different result.

Today's quick protip: Want a pop of lip color, but not a fan of lipstick? Try some lip stain. It goes on like a marker (I know, it'll feel a little weird) on a dry lip and adds a wash of color. I love it for kissing occasions and have used it on brides. :)

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