Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sebastian Trilliance thoughts

Hey! I got some Sebastian Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner on my last trip to the supply house.

It was all shiny and new, and came with a pair of rhinestone sunglasses. Hook, line and sinker. Anyway, took it home and tried it out Sunday night.

It's shimmery and the consistency is a bit thin. Not really a problem unless you can't dodge the shower sprayer and all the shampoo runs between your fingers before you can emulsify it. >_< Aside from that, it lathers all right, smells nice. The conditioner is a bit thin too, but it goes on sooo nice, and makes your hair feel really smooth. The only downside is your hair doesn't have much volume, but it does smooth down the dry, snarly bits. Conclusion: good stuff, definitely keeping this around for angry winter hair.

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